Pulama I Ka ‘Ohana (PIKO) Program

Pulama I Ka ‘Ohana (PIKO) Program

The PIKO Program provides supportive, advocacy-based services to survivors of domestic violence and their children who are involved with the Child Welfare System.

How Our Program Works

If, in the initial assessment, it is determined that the client qualifies for services, a Family Assistance Councelor will call the client within 48 hours to schedule and appointment with PIKO.

A Family Assistance Counselor will collaborate with the client and child(ren) and provide support, safety planning, advocacy, education, information, and referrals to other community resources.

Support groups for both survivors and children are available for clients to attend while participating in the program.

Overview of Services

PIKO Services include but are not limited to:

  • A Right to Know Information Session
  • Education and Awareness on Domestic Violence
  • Risk Assessment/Safety Planning
  • Advocacy/Case Management
  • Crisis Support
  • Survivor Support Groups for adults, teens and younger children
  • Individual Therapy Referrals
  • Access to DVAC Legal Services
  • Accompaniment to Court / Other Community Resource
  • Accompaniment to Epic Ohana Conferences
  • Referrals
  • Childcare during group sessions

Please contact us with questions or concerns.

PO Box 30232
Honolulu, HI 96820
Phone: (808) 380-8282
FAX: (808) 380-8283