Ho‘oikaika ‘Ohana

Our program's goal is captured in our name, Ho‘oikaika ‘Ohana. Ho'o means to strive toward, ikaika means strong, and 'ohana means family. We are striving to help strengthen families toward peace.

Ho‘oikaika ‘Ohana is being developed in response to the unfortunate reality that Native Hawaiians represent the highest ethnic group receiving DVAC’s triad (attorney, advocate, paralegal) and PIKO services. Through recent funding from a new Family Violence Prevention Services Act (FVPSA) at the US Dept. of Health & Human Services, Ho‘oikaika ‘Ohana is uniquely positioned to develop culturally responsive trauma-informed program services to help Native Hawaiian families heal from their exposure to domestic violence & interpersonal violence.

A hui comprised of cultural navigators, content experts, and community allies has been convened to design the approaches, select program content and delivery of services. Each Ho‘oikaika ‘Ohana hui member is committed to transforming the dialogue and meeting the needs of families suffering harmful effect of domestic violence & interpersonal violence impacting Native Hawaiian families, and our greater lāhui.

Currently, the hui of Ho‘oikaika ‘Ohana is in program development. A key element of Ho‘oikaika ‘Ohana is our listening tour; the goal is to listen to survivors, kūpuna, ‘opio, makua, and community members impacted by the harm they are suffering as a result of abuse. The listening tour will help inform the hui as to the needs, gaps, barriers to achieving peace in the aftermath of abuse.

If you are interested in contributing your mana‘o about addressing domestic violence in our lāhui, please feel free to contact us.