Campus Survivor Advocacy Program

The Campus Survivor Advocacy Program is working with the UH system to help fulfill their title IX requirements of providing advocacy services for gender-based violence impacting the campus community. Two CSAP advocates will be working out of HCC, WCC, LCC, and UH West Oahu in order to have a visible presence on campus and work more closely with campus officials. The advocates will be one of the few confidential resources available on these campuses, allowing both students and faculty to seek services without initiating a full title IX investigation and proceeding. The services will include: short & long-term case management services, court accompaniment, and advocating with faculty members to provide the proper accommodations needed to ensure client safety.

College P&C Image

Power and Control wheels are useful tools for understanding how abusive behaviours work to get and maintain power and control over a relationship. Various wheels have been modified for specific situations; the image above is related to behavious we see on-campus and in college dating relationships that might be controlling or abusive. The wheel can be downloaded as a PDF for easier reading by clicking here or on the image above.

For other varieties of P&C wheels, see the National Coalition on Domestic and Sexual Violence:

To learn more about Title IX please visit:
http://knowyourix.org/title-ix/ (National Title IX resource)
http://www.hawaii.edu/titleix (UH System Specific resource)

To learn more about healthy vs. unhealthy relationships, please visit:

If you have any questions, or are in need of services please contact:
Shyla Haven
Windward Community College & Honolulu Community College
Phone number: 380-1551

Maxine Anderson

Leeward Community Colleges & West Oahu
Phone number: 531-3771