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Aloha & Welcome

Welcome to the Domestic Violence Action Center’s Website! Here you will be able to find out who we are, information about our services, get answers to questions about domestic violence, and find out ways to help or get help. Please bookmark this site!

The day of the year when mothers are elevated to a pedestal - where they really belong everyday- for the deliberate efforts to love, nurture, encourage, motivate and embrace their children. Everyone who is lucky enough to have a mother who has been there in those ways are stunned at the reality that sometimes mothers don't achieve that ideal. At DVAC we see moms doing incredible things, in the interests of their children. Aspiring to give them opportunities to live a safe childhood and reach their potential. This year, again, DVAC is sponsoring The Beauty of It All. Flowers for your mom, auntie, sister, co-worker, tutu, neighbor who you admire, love, and appreciate. The funds raised support the beautiful work done by the passionate, devoted staff at DVAC.

In honor of the 25th Anniversary of the Domestic Violence Action Center, we invited survivors to share their stories. Included are selected stories of 25 survivors who received help from agency staff and programs. Please click the image below to read all of their experiences.

25 Stories

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The Domestic Violence Action Center is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization based in Hawaii for Hawaii.